hound Sponsorship

Hound Sponsorship

Dear Friends and Members

It is that time of year again where our beagles are looking for sponsors and this is proving to be very popular.  Please find attached a list of names of hounds that are hunting this season.


If you are unsure what hound you would like to sponsor, then please call me on 07934 538325, speak to me out hunting or email me at:



I would ask for a minimum donation of £35.00 per hound, all proceeds will be going towards the up keep of the kennels.  In return you will receive details including a photograph of your sponsored hound and an update letter at the end of the season.  


Kind regards




All Proceeds will go towards the up keep of the kennels.


Hound Sponsorship List 2018-2019



Dog Hounds                                   Bitches


                                                       Crawley                                           Flicker


                                                        Magnet                                           Matchless


                                                        Magnum                                         Milkmaid


                                                        Masher                                           Racket


                                                        Merlin                                             Sanity


                                                        Mountain                                        Tallow


                                                        Rummage                                       Tango


                                                        Tando                                              Tansy


                                                        Trimmer                                           Taxi